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Residential Roofing 

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What separates South Carolina Premier Roofing from others, EXPERIENCE. Since Hurricane Katrina the men and women of South Carolina Premier Roofing have been managing insurance claims, roofing projects, construction projects and interior damage issues. Experience Matters.

Commercial Maintenance

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Maintenance is a critical component as a necessity for a longer lasting roofing system. Roofing systems are designed to be maintained and it has been proven that by spending a little on quarterly maintenance will extend the roofs life span. 

Every maintenance plan is customized as every roofing system is different. Call us today to schedule a qualified assessment.

Residential/ Comm. Gutters 


At South Carolina Premier Roofing we believe it is important to provide as many related services to the communities we serve. Gutters are an important part of the roofing process especially when dealing with insurance claims. Often improper gutter installation can lead to damage to the structure costing thousands in repairs.  



The Cold Hard Truth...

   In the mid 90's, Allstate and other companies hired the mega-consulting firm McKinsey & Company to develop new claim strategies. At Allstate, McKinsey defined claims as a “zero-sum game,” with the policyholder and the company competing for the same dollars. Its goal was “to redefine the game . . . to . . . radically alter our whole approach to the business of claims.” Computer systems would be put in place to set the amounts policyholders would be offered, claimants would be deterred from hiring lawyers, adjusters would be rewarded for underpaying claims, and settlements would be offered on a take-it-or-litigate basis.

   To improve their profits, companies delay payment of justified claims, deny payment altogether, and defend their actions by forcing claimants to sue to get what they are entitled to.

This strategy is known as “delay, deny, defend,” and it perverts the insurance industry’s traditional role. Within the vast bureaucracy of insurance companies, actuaries assess risks, underwriters price policies and evaluate prospective policyholders, and agents market policies. The claims department’s only job should be to pay what is owed, no more but no less. Delay, deny, defend turns the claims department into just another profit center.

    In the years since Hurricane Andrew ripped up Miami the insurance lobbyists have arguably taken over Tallahassee and its been said the Florida Department of Financial Services who regulate the insurance companies have become "whipping boys for the insurance companies". All of this is speculation however if you understand how the game is played you will find the scales of justice are against the property owners. 


Our History

Since Hurricane Katrina devastated our families property we have been fighting for property owners. Our story is not unique, Hurricane Katrina destroyed our home and for two years we watched the insurance companies fight with us on paying what what owed. It wasn't right what happened to us and unfortunately it is a common story. There are not too many companies in the roofing business who can attest to personal experience when dealing with the insurance companies.

Mississippi 2005

Our experience in working with the good insurance companies and fighting with the bad ones makes us absolute experts in the industry. We are comprised of men and women who take insurance claims personal. 

After 2 years of fighting with the insurance carrier we selected a contractor to begin rebuilding our property. The rebuilding process was a nightmare in itself. Unprofessional, sloppy work, little communication and it was after all the hell we had been through is when we decided to start helping others avoid the disaster we had just sent through. 

Looking down our street 

Our Vendors

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For free inspections, estimates or inquires please call 803-200-1773 or fill out the form below. 

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140 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 430

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To apply for a career with South Carolina Premier Roofing, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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