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Here’s Why a Metal Roof Is a Great Choice for Your Home

Metal roofs are growing in popularity among both homeowners and residential roofers. With the many features and benefits a metal roofing system provides, choosing this option for your property is one of the best home improvement investments you can make.

Here’s why:

1. Impressive Longevity: Metal is a very dependable roofing material. Its resistance to factors that speed up degradation, such as fire, mildew, rot and insect infestations, greatly contributes to its longevity. Though warranties may vary, many roofing companies back their products in the 20-50 year range.

2. Design Versatility: You can easily paint a metal roof, so it’s easier to change its appearance in accordance with your home’s design needs or simply to suit your fancy. The fact that metal roofing systems are also available in shingle and panel forms also makes metal an easy choice for roof replacement material because it can match a variety of home styles.

3. Excellent Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs are incredibly energy-efficient because they are designed to reflect the sun’s heat away from your home. Metal’s ability to reflect heat instead of absorbing it prevents the sun from heating up your attic, which cuts down on your cooling costs.

4. Fantastic Durability: If there’ one feature that makes metal roofing stand out from other roofing materials, it’s sheer durability. You won’t have to worry about frequent roof repair services, as metal can withstand constant exposure to the ravages of the elements. It’s the easy choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance, dependable option.

Consider metal next time you need to replace your roof. Consult your trusted contractor about this excellent roofing option.803.200.1773

Florida Premier Roofing provides exceptional metal roof services. We serve various areas, including Hilton Head, SC. Get in touch with us today at (803) 200-1773 to learn more about our roofs. You can also ask for an estimate.

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